What is different about LESSE products?

We think about skincare differently. Our approach is grounded in a belief that skincare is an essential aspect of our health, and products should be made in consideration of their impact both above and below the surface. We grow many of our ingredients and source others only from the most diligent, sustainable and ethical of partners. Our skincare is made to be both sensitive and effective, and is free from harmful chemicals and irritants. We have banned more than 1,300 ingredients commonly used in skincare in the US.


How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Once you place your order, our team will have it packed and shipped out within 2 business days. For U.S. deliveries, anticipate delivery within 4 business days. For international orders, please allow 7 — 10 days for your order to arrives.


I got my order confirmation email, but it still hasn’t shipped.

Our team works hard to try and ship all orders within 24 hours but please allow up to 2 business days for your order to depart our facility.


Is the Ritual Serum a serum or a face oil?

Our Ritual Serum is an oil-based serum. A serum is defined by finer molecules than a common face oil, which absorb deeper into the skin and take effect on a molecular level. An oil-based serum is the best option for those with oily, acne-prone or chronically irritated skin. Oils are extremely healing and balancing, which is why we use this as a base to our serum.


Are your products formulated for all skin types?

Our products are developed to be equally sensitive and effective, The high quality, all-organic ingredients we use in our products are selected for their ability to balance all skin types — by regulating your skin's sebum. Your sebum is what regulates your skin's natural oil production, so an overactive sebum leads to oily and acne-prone skin. An under active sebum results in dry and irritated skin. When we bring that into balance while organically cleanser, exfoliating and fortifying skin, it thrives.

Please ensure you take the time to read the ingredient lists to ensure you don't have a specific allergy to any ingredients.


What if I have rosacea or sensitive skin?

We developed LESSE to be sensitive to all skin types, including skin that may endure rosacea, dermatitis or other chronic skin conditions –– but we recommend you consult your doctor or skincare professional if you have any specific concerns.


Are your products pregnancy safe?

All of our skincare is safe for use throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding.


How do I incorporate LESSE into my skincare regime?

LESSE products are designed to be essential and versatile pillars of your daily skin ritual. Use the Refining Cleanser each night, apply the Ritual Serum morning and night, and use our Bioactive Face Masque 1 — 3 times per week. We recommend keeping the masque in the fridge and applying cold, but it's not essential.


Where are your products made?

All of our products are manufactured in Canada, by our all-organic factory partner. Many of the ingredients used are grown on the land right by our factory — and all other botanicals are sourced from verified sustainable and ethical partners around the world.


Are your products vegan and cruelty-free?

Our products are and will always be cruelty-free. We are vegan except for a small amount of ethical honey used in our Bioactive Face Masque. We source this honey from a supplier that harvests honey to help bee colonies populate and thrive.


Is LESSE unisex?

Yes, all LESSE products are designed to be unisex. We prefer to say non-binary. Perfect to share with partners or friends, or to keep all to yourself.


What is the shelf life of LESSE products?

We recommend you store your LESSE products in a cool, dry place where it is unlikely to experience direct sunlight. Since we use organic ingredients and avoid synthetic preservatives, we advise that you use your product within 12 months of receiving.


Is your packaging recyclable?

Yes! Please wash all elements of the product packaging and recycle at home. For the Refining Cleanser, just cut the tube and clean out any remaining mixture before recycling. All shipping elements are made from recycled or recyclable paper too.


Do you offer free samples?

At this time, we unfortunately do not have samples available. We are a small company and will announce the introduction of samples as we grow. Please sign up for our newsletter to stay informed.


What is your returns policy?

Skin takes up to two weeks to adapt to any change in product, so please allow this time to begin seeing the effects of LESSE. To ensure the safety of our team during covid-19, unfortunately we are not accepting any returns at this time.

More information on our shipping and returns policy can be found here.


Why do you offer a subscription?

We offer a subscription to make your skincare ritual seamless. Constantly changing products or suspending use while you wait for a new bottle can alter your skin’s response, so we offer a discounted subscription for those that love LESSE and want to ensure they always have elevated skincare at the ready.

A fresh bottle of LESSE will arrive every 4, 6, 8 or 10 weeks to your door. Just select the frequency you prefer.


What is the commitment to subscribe to LESSE?

As this is a slightly discounted option, we ask that you commit to a minimum of 3 deliveries when you subscribe.

If you are traveling or need to change the address or date of your subscription delivery, just email us hello@lesseofficial.com.


Have a question you don’t see answered above? Please reach out to our team and we will get back to you as soon as possible — hello@lesseofficial.com.