Carlos & Austin

Carlos & Austin
02 / 13 / 20
Duality & Balance
Carlos & Austin

Carlos & Austin

We become who we are in relation to those who occupy parallel planes of existence; those who remain as we traverse the quiet and loud moments of life.

Here we explore the duality, beauty and balance of life in conversation with husbands Carlos and Austin.


What is beauty?

C: Beauty is a sensation of harmony with one’s self.
A: It’s a subjective feeling that can overwhelm your heart with warmth and love.

Where does it come from, where can one find it?

C: Beauty comes from careful observation and is often found in moments of authenticity.
A: I’ve spent most of my life trying to ascertain where I believe beauty originates. I always looked externally for it and in turn, I expected the same for myself. I wanted to feel like I exuded beauty and when the outside of me didn’t match my idea of beauty, I was consistently heartbroken. Now I realize it all comes from within.

“Once you start to shed the weight of imperfections and societal standards, you rediscover the voice that guides you to see beauty in everything— especially yourself.” – Austin

Austin and Carlos wear LESSE Bioactive Masque


How is beauty power?

C: I believe in the power of communication and how beauty can be an effective vehicle for impactful messages.
A: There is great power in vulnerability. For me, having that channel open has allowed me to discover beauty in a more authentic way.

How has beauty shaped the world?

C: Beauty continues to serve as an unofficial language for a universal dialogue.
A: The idea of unfiltered beauty allows people to feel seen–– it’s all about self love and self acceptance. This message is a simple concept in theory, but a difficult path to follow. Once you start to shed the weight of imperfections and societal standards, you rediscover the voice that guides you to see beauty in everything–– especially yourself.

How does beauty evolve?

C: Most beautiful things remain steady in their own way–– it’s our perspectives that change.
A: I had a superficial idea of what beauty meant growing up. It was strictly external. Now I surround myself with people who truly have beautiful souls and it leaves me fulfilled in a way I never had growing up.

How is beauty in you?

C: Beauty exists in me when I allow myself the patience to see it.
A: It exists in everyone–– I finally stopped being reluctant and gave myself permission to let that vulnerable and fragile voice inside of me have power and authority. It’s there for a reason and we’ve been taught to silence and fear it.

A beauty ritual or trick you cannot live without?

C: Ice.

A: My husband gives me the best at home facials.


How is beauty found in duality?

C: Contrast creates depth. I gravitate toward individuals who embrace that depth in themselves.
A: For something to be truly beautiful, it comes at a price. It could be through pain, despair, or even extreme happiness. You have to feel in order to get others to do the same.

Does duality exist in you?

C: Absolutely! I am constantly working to discover, explore, and embrace new facets of myself.
A: It does completely. If I want to love and appreciate other things for their beauty, I have to understand what makes me feel beautiful. You can’t ascribe that power to other things, if you haven’t been able to do it for yourself.

Where else have you found duality in the world?

C: I was fortunate to be raised in El Paso, TX in a hotbed of contradictions and harmonies.
A: Through cinema–– I’ve noticed I am so much more moved by a performance when you can see the battle between good and evil within someone. Seeing someone who is completely shattered and still following their journey impacts me greatly.

In what ways is duality more becoming than beauty?

C: Duality lowers our defenses and makes us more receptive. It speaks directly to our humanity.
A: The concept of duality feeds directly into beauty. Beauty can’t exist without it.

Finish this sentence: “Duality reminds me of…”

C: The moon.
A: Yin and yang–– the concept keeps me centered. Understanding that even with the good there is bad.


“Most beautiful things remain steady in their own way, it’s our perspectives that change.” – Carlos


Is there balance in you?

C: I strive for a more centered self every day. Balance demands that I honor my instincts while also questioning them regularly.
A: Finding balance has been vital for me as I don’t have a plethora of energy to give most days–– so I always have to find a great deal of balance between what I want to do and what I need to do.

How does balance define our lives?

C: Balance reminds us that growth is not linear and that perfection is unattainable.
A: Being a balanced and well-rounded human is what I aspire to be. It defines what I am capable of giving to others and myself.

Where in the world can you find a most harmonious balance?

C: A lukewarm morning shower with the lights off.
A: I don’t believe I’ve found that perfect place yet…if you find it, let me know!

Fill in the blanks: “Balance is to beauty, what _________ is to __________”

C: imperfection / humanity
A: meditation / mindfulness



Photography by Drew Escriva