Joanna & Sarah Halpin

Joanna & Sarah Halpin
06 / 15 / 21
"[Beauty] can’t be described, located or filed under a singular idea. It is unique and truly dependent upon the individual. And, for that reason, beauty can be found almost anywhere—shaping the world."
Joanna & Sarah Halpin

Joanna & Sarah

Our world and framework of existence and perception expands with our most meaningful connections; through the people who shape us. In this editorial series, we explore the bonds that lead us to a wider scope of meaning and discovery—of understanding beauty, balance and duality.

Joanna and Sarah Halpin, sisters who hail from Cornwall in the Southwest of England, share a connection that transcends familial bonds and is evident to all around them. Both creative thinkers and makers, they align in their work, values, and how they see the world—but diverge in their approach. “We discovered a quote years ago that resinated with us; one of us fights fire with fire, the other fights fire with water. Those who know us well will know which of us is which.” Read on for their shared observations of beauty and life.



“Beauty is subjective. It is, after all, in the eye of the beholder. We like to think that’s what makes it so powerful; it can’t be described, located or filed under a singular idea. It is unique and truly dependent upon the individual. And, for that reason, beauty can be found almost anywhere—shaping the world, our understanding, and the relationships we have within it.

We adopted the principle of ‘less is more’ a long time ago. A genetic principle, perhaps. So, despite a few rebellious and experimental teenage years, we’ve nearly always gravitated towards natural, stripped back beauty. Neither of us wear a lot—if any—make up, but do try to take good care of our skin. Since discovering and working with LESSE, we are converted advocates. The Refining Cleanser and Ritual Serum have become part of our daily routine.”


“Beauty is found in duality through a balanced connection, or relationship, where two people can bring out the best, most authentic versions of one another. There is duality in our own relationship. We often talk about how perfectly our strengths and weaknesses complement one another.

We’ve always felt very fortunate to have such an incredible friendship and closeness that we know not all siblings have. And, more recently, as we have started working and collaborating together, we have learned how to navigate another aspect of our duality. Like every relationship, ours is always growing and adapting; it takes communication and honesty. We both feel that what we have is such a special closeness that it’s hard to put into words.”



“Finding balance is not defined by where you might be in the world; for us, it’s more about mindset. When you are honest with yourself about what authentically makes you happy, it leads to a feeling of balance. Too much focus can be placed on materialism, ambition and success—equating to wealth and fame. This is short-lived happiness that will never satisfy nor satiate. The older and—hopefully—wiser we get, the more we’ve learned to practice being appreciative of people, being present, and listening and learning to ourselves of what makes us feel good.

Beauty, duality and balance all feel so interwoven, it’s hard to separate and place one above the other two. We try to live our lives with as much balance and have duality within our relationships, which, ultimately, leads to a life of beauty.”


Photography and direction by Joanna Halpin and Sarah Halpin. More of their photography here.

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