Treating Acne 101

Treating Acne 101
08 / 19 / 22
Aesthetician Crystal Greene shares her expert advice on how to treat and prevent one of the world's most common skin conditions: acne.
Treating Acne 101
  1. "Spot treat breakouts with an ice cube, holding it against the area for 30 seconds. The cold ice will reduce swelling and inflammation."
  2. "Be kind to your skin, don't pick as this simply creates more inflammation"
  3. "The Bioactive Mask is anti-inflammatory and healing on breakouts. Spot treat any active acne with a thin layer for 15 mins, or apply to the entire face at least once a week to prevent breakouts."
  4. "Acne is a complex skin disorder. While skin care can be supportive, the skin is greatly impacted by many factors... hormones, the gut microbiome and lymph are important to the foundation of healthy skin."




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