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Cara Peloso

Cara Peloso
03 / 04 / 24

An aesthetician for more than twenty years, Cara Peloso offers one of the most unique and transformative facial practices—and is one of the most insightful and considered voices on beauty.

Cara Peloso

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Q: Please share who you are and where you’re from.

A: I'm Cara Peloso, a NYC-based esthetician since 2000, originally from Northern Ontario, Canada.


Q: How were you first introduced to the world of beauty and wellness?

A: I worked as a model for over a decade in Paris and New York. Witnessing the beauty habits of Parisian women, I was inspired to prioritize a healthy lifestyle and a simple, dedicated skincare routine. While in New York City, I started a daily yoga practice that solidified my conviction in the link between physical activity and overall well-being. ​​This connection also relates to facial massage; tissue manipulation creates healthy, supple skin. Extended facial massage is the key in achieving accelerated results in my treatments.


Q: How do beauty and wellness connect — or overlap — in your world?

A: Taking care of myself, whether it's my regular exercise routine, eating well, getting massages, sleeping, or a consistent skincare routine, all contribute to my overall health and well-being. The healthier I am, the better I look and feel. It's simple.


Q: How would you describe your unique outlook on beauty?

A: Beauty is imperfect. Expecting perfect skin is unrealistic. Healthy, resilient skin equates to beauty.


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Q: What is the greatest lesson you have learned in regards to beauty?

A: It's not easy to age, but it is essential to remember there is beauty in aging.


Q: What are the essential rituals we should all practice to improve our overall wellness and beauty?

A: Recognizing practices promoting relaxation and dedicating time to implement them is critical to establishing a meaningful personal ritual. Since becoming an esthetician, regular facial self-massage has been a cornerstone of my routine for many years. It's an accessible practice with many benefits. Last year, a knee injury prompted me to explore the practice of self-lymphatic drainage on my legs. Integrating this technique into my routine has become an essential ritual, keeping my legs pain-free. I also prioritize Epsom salt baths. This eases muscle tension from my physically demanding work and promotes deeper sleep. I frequently recommend this practice to my clients to enhance their well-being.


Q: What are some of the most common and significant skin issues today?

A: Over-treating the skin with products that are too aggressive is something I see a lot. Simplifying a skincare routine instead of adding active products is a better approach to helping the skin recover.

Another area for improvement is taking the time to cleanse the skin in the evening. So often, clients tell me they spend less than 30 seconds washing their face. Wearing makeup and SPF, products designed to stay on the skin, needs a thorough cleansing, often a double cleanse: the first to remove makeup and SPF and second to ensure the skin is free of residue.


"It's not easy to age, but it is essential to remember there is beauty in aging."
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Q: What are the everyday rituals we might implement to help prevent and combat these concerns?

A: Sleep and rest are absolutely necessary for our body to recharge and for repair and healing to take place.

Sunshine and time outdoors. We should all aim to spend time in nature where possible but even a small window of time in the sunshine each day is essential to elevate mood and wellbeing.

Hydration. We all know it’s important to consume filtered water daily but electrolyte and mineral balance is essential for proper hydration and water uptake into the cells. Try including bone broth, coconut water and herbal tea such as Nettle towards your daily fluid intake.

Gut health. Digestion starts in the mouth so tongue scraping each morning can help support microbiome balance.


Q: What are the three pillars of clear, balanced skin?

A: Spending time doing proper cleansing. Use gentle non foaming cleansers. LESSE is launching a new formula next month which is gentle, effective and non-stripping.

Cut out all actives in your routine until your skin recovers. Gradually add one active product at a time to determine if it is not irritating your skin. The Bioactive Mask is an excellent weekly treatment to exfoliate and brighten skin gently.

Prioritize internal hydration and find the perfect moisturizer. The Essential Moisturizer supports the skin's barrier function, is deeply hydrating and calming.


Q: What is your greatest advice when it comes to beauty?

A: Don’t be influenced by beauty trends. Work with a professional with experience and sound skincare advice for your unique skin concerns.


Q: What are your greatest hopes for the industry / our society’s outlook on beauty?

A: I would like fewer marketing claims for quick-fix products and unrealistic claims about how products can change the skin. Consistent and deliberate skincare habits and realistic expectations go a long way to achieving health and well-being.



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