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Andrea Ámez of Ámez Skin

Andrea Ámez photographed by Kobe Wagstaff
10 / 02 / 23
Andrea Ámez of Ámez Skin shares her professional insights on beauty, rituals, and the current state of the industry.
Andrea Ámez photographed by Kobe Wagstaff

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Q: Please share who you are and where you’re from.

A: I’m Andrea Ámez and I’m a master facialist born in Los Angeles and based primarily in Los Angeles— although I’m going to be bouncing around New York and Paris in 2024.


Q: How were you first introduced to the world of beauty and wellness?

A: I would have to say this goes back to childhood. My mother at an early age taught me that there was no differentiator between beauty and wellness and that our skin is really our ultimate armor– so it was our job to protect it. I also think growing up in a Central- American household the idea of taking care of our vessels and bodies was just innately programmed in our cultural DNA.


Q: How do beauty and wellness connect — or overlap — in your world?

A: It has always been one world to me. This was the initial reason why I became an aesthetician in 2014. Products and topicals aside, I wanted to normalize the idea that our skin was something to be looked after, protected, and respected. Skin is health, and everyone deserves access to good skin health.


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Q: How would you describe your unique outlook on beauty?

A: You know, I would say it’s a mix of a few things. I’ve always been a beauty glam girl but I also am a naturalist in many ways. In fact when I first started, I was hardcore and wouldn’t put anything on my face that I couldn’t eat, which now sounds absolutely ridiculous to me. So I suppose I would say that my outlook on beauty is always adapting as I continue to simply live and grow. I’ve always talked about radical self-acceptance and I still think that remains to be my perspective both personally and professionally.


Q: What are the essential rituals we should all practice to improve our overall wellness and beauty?

A: There are so many small acts and things that can really support skin and overall health. I would say being mindful of what I like to call the non-negotiables — movement, sleep, water intake, and food. These non-negotiables will help support skin internally in such a grounding way. I won’t get into dieting as I’m not a nutritionist nor am I here to tell you what you can and can’t eat, but strong gut health will improve your skin and overall immunity. Finding a probiotic that works for you is a great place to start. And I would say that medical practices like acupuncture can also really help if you struggle with gut issues, hormonal imbalances and even acne prone skin. I’m all about discovering tools that can help lay out a solid pathway for your skin health journey.


Q: What are some of the most common and significant skin issues today?

A: I would have to say that what I see the most all falls under the umbrella of inflammation. Inflammation is such a huge word but within that I would say specifically acne and rosacea. These two are quite obviously tough to treat because there are simply so many factors that can contribute. I can confidently say that both stress, hormonal health and environmental stressors are perhaps the three biggest factors that I see impacting many of my clients. Not easy things to conquer but absolutely not impossible!


Q: What are the everyday rituals we might implement to help prevent and combat these concerns?

A: There are so many things one can do. I would say being intentional with your lifestyle, finding activities that not only challenge you physically but also bring you joy and paying thoughtful attention to emotional well being. Skin is such a complex system that really reflects the entirety of the body– it’s endlessly fascinating to me. I would say step one of course is taking time to find skin care that truly makes you feel good, it’s important to find experiential skin care that is also effective for your skin concerns and type.


"I really think beauty is a form of internal and external radical acceptance, which is really what the human condition is all about. Beauty is really about taking care of this one vessel that we have."
Bioactive Mask, Regeneration Mist, Every Tone SPF 30

Every Tone SPF 30

Q: What are the three pillars of clear, balanced skin?

A: Purify, Moisturize, and Protect.


Q: Please name a LESSE product for each pillar, and describe how it aligns with this pillar/supports healthy skin:

A: Refining Cleanser: This cleanser satisfies the craving of physical exfoliation whilst providing a great and thorough cleanse. I would even suggest pre-cleansing with the Ritual Serum and then finishing your double cleanse with the Refining Cleanser for a totally purified canvas.

Regeneration Mist and Ritual Serum: I consider toner to be absolutely essential for optimal absorption of moisture whether you use an oil or cream based hydrator. I love the Regeneration Mist as a moisturizing warm-up prior to applying the Ritual Serum.

Every Tone SPF 30: What a beautiful product Lesse has created! Finish your routine with this lovely, no cast sunscreen which happens to non-nano zinc. No matter the season, SPF is an absolute must always.


Q: What is your greatest advice when it comes to beauty?

A: Professionally I would say in all caps— START SLOW, HAVE FUN, ASK QUESTIONS AND WORK WITH PRACTITIONERS YOU ALIGN WITH. I give this advice to my own friends and family.


Q: What are your greatest hopes for the industry / our society’s outlook on beauty?

A: I personally reflect on this question quite literally once a week. I hope that people stay grounded in themselves and realize that beauty is such a multifaceted industry that is equally fun and exciting but it can also seem impossible, expensive, and societally suffocating. I hope the beauty world continues to expand for people like myself who were never represented in the market. I hope for more transparency and better government regulations in the United States as we have sadly always been so behind Europe, Asia, and Australia. There is so much to be done and improved and I will absolutely do my best to lead in that conversation.



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