Alexis & Laura

Alexis & Laura
01 / 31 / 23

The friends and fashion creatives on their greatest lessons, hopes and advice for life.

Alexis & Laura

laura reilly lesse skin care rituals

LAURA: "I’m Laura Reilly, founder and editor of fashion shopping newsletter Magasin. I was born in London, where I lived until I was 8, then we moved to Costa Rica, where I grew up. I came to the States for college when I was 18, and moved to New York around 8 years ago, where I’ve been ever since.

I started the newsletter as an outlet for exercising my creative writing muscle, or at least writing in the voice that I had begun to develop inside of me and didn’t have a proper platform for. As that voice grows, it’s an evergreen opportunity to expand and experiment with how best to express certain thoughts and feelings.

Alexis and I met on Instagram, vaguely, at first. Then we met in person and became quick friends, finding in each other common interests and a willingness to explore and engage that I think we were both looking for in another person at the time."

alexis badiyi laura reilly lesse skin care rituals

ALEXIS: "I’m Alexis Badiyi, a stylist and creative based in New York, but I’m originally from Los Angeles. Both cities have been a big part of my childhood and adulthood, fueling my imagination, creativity and curiosity. I like to find creativity and art within each day, whether it’s in how I prepare a meal, style a shoot, photograph an object or take paint to a canvas. Creativity is a frame of mind.

In my family, we have been creative entrepreneurs in the film, art and design world for generations. My grandmother, father and mom are the people who have shaped me most, and they were very encouraging of me going in this direction, and still are. I have learned so much from them, am endlessly inspired by these loved ones I have had the honor to call family and spend this part of my life with.

This past year has illuminated the importance of health, community and passion in my life. And how easy it can be to take those for granted. I’m working on surrendering control. When things are challenging or unexpected, I notice how this coping mechanism presents itself. I felt this old pattern sneaking up again when my mom and sister got sick this past year."

"My greatest advice is, simply, what is meant for you won’t pass you by.” — Alexis
alexis badiyi laura reilly lesse skin care rituals

alexis badiyi laura reilly lesse skin care rituals

LAURA: "My mother is probably the person who has shaped me most. I deeply respect and admire her as a person. She’s led a fascinating life, and is so smart and interesting. I see myself making life choices that follow in her footsteps.

So far, the greatest lesson I have learned is to trust the process, maybe. If you do good work with consistency, everything will fall into place. I also believe that most people probably know a lot more than they give themselves credit for. Listen to your instincts and follow your ideas, even if you don’t know what they’re for or where they will go.

My partner thinks we're moving as a whole into a more understanding society, one that's more spiritually awakened and sensitive to the plight of others, like an upwards spiral of consciousness. I don't necessarily share the same optimism around the human condition — I’m a one step forwards, one step backwards believer — but my greatest hope for the world, I suppose, would be that he's right."

ALEXIS: “My greatest hope for the world is more understanding, more empathy. My greatest advice is, simply, what is meant for you won’t pass you by.”


Photographed by Carolyne Lorée Teston.


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